Happy Spring 2017!
Welcome to the HMC Math Club and SIAM Website!
The Harvey Mudd College Math Club is a five-year old chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians (SIAM). The club hosts regular Math Teas with food and drink and organizes math-related activities on campus that promotes student-faculty bonding. Some events that we've done before are: Prof. Benjamin's Mathemagics, The Harvey Mudd/Caltech Math Competition, Graduate School in Mathematics Presentation with Andrea Bertozzi, Math Teas, Mini-golfing with Profs, Rock Climbing with Profs, and the biannual "Pancakes with the Proffs"

If you would like to contact the HMC math club directly, you can contact one of the following head officers of the math club:
President: Christopher Hoyt (choyt "at" g.hmc.edu)
Treasurer/Secretary: Adam Busis (abusis "at" g.hmc.edu)
Head Tea Wrangler: Jenny Lee (jelee "at" g.hmc.edu)

Want to keep up with the math club? You can check out our announcements! If you are a student or faculty member, you can also subscribe to the Math Club google group to receive regular updates: go to the google groups page of the math club and click on the "Join Group" button! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the leadership listed above.

Last Update: September 24th, 2017