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This Friday: Pizza and a movie!

posted Oct 2, 2008, 1:22 AM by Chandler May   [ updated Oct 6, 2008, 7:47 PM by Christopher Hoyt ]
Hello there!

If you like math, fun movies, comfy chairs, and pizza, or any nonempty subset of those wonderful things, oh golly are *you* in for a treat!! This Friday, the HMC Math Club and the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges are hosting pizza and a movie on the fresh-out-of-the-(metaphorical-)oven third floor of Sprague Library! We'll be watching "Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem", a film by George Csicsery that tells the fascinating story of American mathematician Julia Robinson.

Some background from the film's website:

Julia Robinson, a pioneer among American women in mathematics, rose to prominence in a field where often she was the only woman. Julia Robinson was the first woman elected to the mathematical section of the National Academy of Sciences, and the first woman to become president of the American Mathematical Society. Her work, and the exciting story of the path that led to the solution of Hilbert's tenth problem in 1970, produced an unusual friendship between Russian and American colleagues at the height of the cold war. In this film, Robinson's major contribution to the solution of H10 triggers a tour of 20th century mathematics that moves from Paris in 1900, through the United States, to the Soviet Union and back. Following the passionate pursuit of an unsolved problem by several individuals in different countries adds to the emotional intensity of the mathematical quest.

Too many words?

What: Pizza and a movie!
Who: Anyone and everyone who thinks that sounds like a good way to start the weekend (You know that's you!!)
When: Friday, October 3rd, 4:15 pm
Where: Third Floor Sprague
(Movie: Julia Robinson and Hilbert's Tenth Problem)

Thanks to the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges for making this possible, and for giving us free pizza!