Upcoming Events, Spring 2017
  • Math Tea (February 3rd, 3-4pm)
  • Math Tea (Sometime February 6-10, TBD)
  • Board Games Night (February 9th, 4-6pm)
  • Math Tea (Sometime February 13-17th, TBD)
  • Karaoke Night (February 25th, time TBD)
  • Origami Hangout (March 3rd, time TBD)
  • Math Club Planning Meeting (March 25th, 3-4pm)

Here are some events that SIAM/Math Club have organized in the past:
  • Math desserts with Lesley Ward
  • Math Tea with Scott Kim
  • Math Tea and Math Book Giveaway
  • Cataloging Math Library Books
  • Minigolfing with Professors!
  • Regular Math Tea.
  • Rock Climbing with Professors!
  • CHMMC: Help organize and write problems for Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition.
  • Study Break
  • Past Events: Math Retreat, Ball at Pepperdine University, Roscoe's Dinner and Griffith Observatory, Integration Bee.

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